Has “Pokemon Go” gone too far?


As we all have seen how much the virtual game “Pokemon Go” has been a hit nation wide recently, it’s been causing some hazards around the world. For instance, in Japan the app has been growing popular, but they have been noticing the frequent car accidents, “2.5 traffic accidents daily” Japanese Jiji press reported on August 23. the application was released on July 22 and just a month later there were driver and pedestrian inattention accidents. Japan has also recorded that the traffic has increased and so have the cases to 1,140 in total, 95% involves drivers playing the game. Although they seem to notice the app has this feature called “PokeStops” that are usually tourist attractions and has improved the economy.

The game has caused some danger to the players by it making it easier for thieves and criminals to lure their targets into an empty area. People are attached enough to their electronic devices, which cause accidents and deaths just like the saying “no texting and driving” soon they will have to say “no Pokemon go and driving”. Their has been cases where citizens leave their car in the middle of a driving lane to go catch a “Pokemon” in the bushes, ‘causing the car behind run right into them. People have gotten so obsessed with this game that they go out in the middle of the night to go catch them all. Not only that but it gets worse, by a politician being caught playing “Pokemon Go” during a parliamentary hearing, is this what poeple in our goverment our doing?  It is crazy that this app has gotten this far , and maybe to far because there are other injuries caused by people walking into poles, tripping over themselves,and even  walking into cars! Recently passing by Target I got a glimpse of a “PokeBall” in the outside, and people taking selfies with it. “Pokemon Go” is getting close to being as popular as ‘whats app’ and ‘snapchat’. Are we really letting this game get this far?


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