LIFE Update

IMG_0664    I started my sophomore year in a new high school and the first week was miserable, to say the least . I mean it was bad. It was so bad that I came home and cried into my pillow, but then I had a moment of clarity. I thought to myself: I could let myself sulk into my pillow and be miserable or I can make this year the most memorable first year at MLEC. You know the cliché ‘the one to remember’. Flash forward a few weeks later…

Plus I made sure to be looking bomb for my yearbook picture! And I have made some fantastic friends, some that I never thought I would get close to in the span of a month. I finally realized how much I cared for one of them when she decided to leave the school and go back to her old one. I will always miss her because we connected so well, she was one of these friends that everyone would love to have, only thing is I had her. I mean I still have her in my life, it is just that I won’t have her in every class with me making me laugh. Besides that, I am loving my journalism class. I look forward to the pink room because I have grown to like that room and I feel like it is a place that I can go to and be myself. And I have become friends with a lot of the upper-class men, and I have grown to love them so much. Slowly but surely I feel like I’m going to have a great 3 years in this school. But I mean its only been a month , we still have 9 months left and I still need to survive them.


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