9 Months.

I last 8 months being a full on vegan. 1 month a vegetarian. Today being the third day, i am now neither and have gone ham on eating meat. for those of you that don’t know: ham means going all out on something or like exaggerating on the subject. My body wasn’t or should i say used to processing meat yet so i obviously don’t feel the best. but i have decoded that i will no longer be any of those two. Starting tomorrow i will eat whatever and whenever i want to. And most importantly i will jot feel guilty about it because life is to short to live unhappy.

Maybe in the near future i will go back into being vegan because do not get me wrong it wasn’t it all bad. I did very much enjoy it for some time. but for now i need to grow and make it easier for my mom. I still believe that animals and friends and not food. But i want to make that statement in a different way for now. 8101205


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