Are Trumps follower regretting their decision?


I saw an article on CNN last night and under is basically what was said.     

The alt-right is having a falling out (with not only their President-elect) but even more instances with each other. The white nationalist who coined the term alt-right, Richard Spencer, he’s the same man who stood at a podium shortly after Donald Trump’s election and shouted “Hail Trump!” while several in the crowd celebrated the victory with a Nazi salute. But listen to him now, you can now nice in the tone he speaks of Donald Trump. “I am getting worried that he won’t work on really big important issues like immigration — that he’ll get caught up on little things like making fun of people on Twitter” is Richard Spencer told CNN. Some others in the alt-right are starting to wonder if Trump is really their guy. They’ve become increasingly critical of his Cabinet picks, and the fact that he’s admitted that Russia did in fact engage in hacking leading up to the election. Some of them (white nationalist) distancing themselves from the alt-right label, although many of the extreme nationalist views remain.

“The alt-right has become about white identity politics,” said Mike Cernovich to CNN. The alt-right is a relatively small group of people who mostly congregate on Twitter and the dark web. But in the past two years, they’ve become more public, and are pushing their way into the mainstream. But the alt-right has always been a fractured movement, made up of differing racist views. Some are clearly anti-Semitic, while others are accepting of Jews. Almost all of them are pro-radical immigration reform. Other white supremacists told CNN they’re frustrated- they believed Trump would align more closely with their white nationalist and racist views.

My views on it were as follows… 

It is scary to think that out there, there is a group of people that voted for trump because they are basically racist. Now that they see that Trumps promises- especially the ones with people being deported and quicker out of here- they’re questioning his position. One good thing is that they are repelled by Trump admitting to the hacking with the Russians, and that makes them think twice on who they supported to be the 45th president. This is a group of individuals that are- racist, aggressive, and some are too extreme. Although many of them are starting to separated in different views in different topics involving Donald J. Trump.


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