Spring Break 04/2017

     This spring break I traveled over seas, across the world, by myself. Now don’t get me wrong, i have travelled alone before but not to another country. And i have traveled over seas but not alone. This time was all alone with some of my closest friends and my best friend. We went on this trip to make memories, but i we ended up getting more than we expected. We made new friends and experienced: fear, sickness, and thrill as we wandered through the city in London. So in the images are all of me as you see how i surrounded myself with friends and acted like my foolish self around the people in England.

     The fear came from the the people we encountered around England. As my friends and i were visiting one of the Cathedral a creepy man came up to us with his camera and began to talk to us about the world ending. Then we tried to go on a adventure and encountered another russian man that didn’t give us an easy time. To say the least the people we came across taught us not to speak to strangers. Although my mother had told me to talk to some. In the middle of the trip though a group of kids got sick. I was one of the chosen ones. But i’m glad with the chaperones that went, with all that was going on they still stuck by us but still kept the energy up. My friends would check on me and still make me smile as i was basically dying.

     Other than those miniature events, i made sure that each day i had a different outfit to match the city. And i made new friends that i wasn’t expecting like a dog i met in the Cathedral, or my buddy John, the tour guide. The day we left was sad but i’m glad i had the chance to have this experience. And hopefully i’ll be back soon.


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