Because of you.

Your hands explored, and your lips came close.

Told me to keep it a secret and it was fine,

so i trusted you because i believed you.  

Only to find out later that it wasn’t fine,

but now you were free and you were right.

I fought for what was right, and lost.


Years. Years passed.

And my heart still races with tears fighting to escape,

from the slight thought of you coming near me again.

You haunt my memories like the monsters in my nightmares,

creeping in my mind, as i fight to keep you out.


As i grow up i realize your life is fine,

and mine is not.

You are getting married,

and i’m just beginning.

You are comfortable with someone,

when i can’t even let a boy come near me without shaking.


You messed me up inside,

And that is why a part of me always wants to cry and hide.



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