Not So Boring Spring Break

     The usual photo essay — black and white photos of family, across the sea adventures, the city that has my heart also known as Chicago, or the colorful and artsy lifestyle of Miami. And that is exactly why I had so much trouble finding a subject, something to focus the camera’s eye on. This time I was not traveling and I wasn’t going to repeat the same subject. So what you see here is a series of photos of my spring break staying in Miami and focusing on me, myself, and I.

     When the moment comes around in life where you can’t breath, where you feel like everything is crashing into you all at once like a wrecking ball— step back and enjoy what you have right there in front of you. And that’s exactly what I did this spring break and where I found my subject; me, myself, and I. What makes me happy, what makes me forget about everything for a split second, in this case for a week, where I can escape reality and enjoy my youth and not think about what’s going to happen tomorrow or the week later, but what i have in front of me and bringing out what I like to call the Aries in me. So this week where I got to escape was filled with spontaneous adventures, people who can make me laugh and that care, and especially some stories to tell.




Finding Someone

The old and the now,

The beginning and the end.


What was once two girls running around together everywhere,

Is now just one who is lost,

In search of new people and experiences alone.


She says it’s scary, intimidating, and undeniably dreadful to be alone,

But there are new people comforting her at every corner.


Nature and music take up her thoughts of sadness.

The missed memories that she can’t seem to move on from.

Where once was much laughter and unforgettable funny moments,

There are now times where there is no one but everyone,

And yet one can still feel completely empty inside.


Slowly, she starts to loosen the grip she has had on these memories,

As she begins to accept that the old is in the past and the now is the present.



Should We OR Should We Not Care


Image result for importance of renewable energy
We have the power to preserve and protect what we have left by doing what is smart and right– Renewable energy is the way.

Renewable energy— whether wind, solar, biomass, or hydroelectricity — always provides some kind of benefits for our climate, our health, and our economy. Yet renewable energy (alternative energy) isn’t in full action. We may or may not ask ourselves these questions as we lay at the beach, go for a walk, play football with friends, or go out shopping, but we should give more awareness to what’s going on outside of our bubbles in society. It is important to know where you stand on earth and what is happening around you as this not only effects you, but the future generations after us.

After the 2008 financial crash many dismissed renewable energy as to expensive to even consider as a possibility. A major factor for a country to make alternative energy 100% possible is if they have 1. small population and 2. great natural resources like the right terrain and space to proceed with the process. According to Quartz “Austria’s largest state announced this year that it had achieved a goal of 100% renewable power by harnessing the power of the Danube, and supplementing that hydropower with solar and biomass. It now runs carbon free. The rest of the country also does well in comparison to many of its European neighbors,” this was directed to the lower part of Australia.

Renewable is important because of the beneficial factors that vary, but for countries it was focused more on the economical factors. For one, renewable energy technologies developed and built in the United States are being sold overseas, providing a boost to the U.S. trade deficit. Not only that but instead of spending much more in importing goods; the money could be spent in the state instead, or even in the town, which means  that energy dollars stay home to create jobs and fuel local economies, rather than going overseas according to Renewable Energy World. 

Another beneficial factor of changing into renewable resources is that it will always be around. Fossil fuels are the most commonly used non-renewable resources. Global warming, sea level rise, massive floods, fires and storms are a way of life for many now and according to the Huffington post is a regular thing. But that should not be the case. We should care what is going to happen in 10 or 15 years form now. We put gas into our cars everyday, use light during the night which uses electric energy when there are other options out there. What many don’t realize also is that many of these industries of energy are ruined by high level society people. So it will be hard to change into a better option if for many of these business will most likely loose business. Something should be done soon, but nothing will be if we don’t come to the realization that the planet is slowly giving out.

Beauty and the Beast (2017)

To begin with that yes I am late to the party, but there are no words to describe the love i have for Beauty and the beast (1991). That has been my favorite princess movie of all time and to see that there was a remake for this new generation is just wonderful. There were many other aspects that Bill Condon ingressed into the new version.

We live in a time where the LGBT community is mainly excepted in many parts of the world. And that is what made me so happy in this movie. LeFou (Josh Gad) that as you might already know as Gaston’s (Luke Evans) little servant and follower reveals his preference as one of the guys that was also revealed to be happy when the dresser dressed him up as a women. It shows how much we have evolved that we can now put it in movies and people don’t have to be ashamed anymore. Now there are controversies on why would they put that in a kids movie, but everyone has their own opinion on that  matter.

Another wonderful thing that I loved, and most people would agree, how Belle (Emma Watson) was so perfectly portrayed as a strong independent women. Not afraid to be herself and be different; and the perfectly love story of finding the Beast who loves how different she is. 

In my experience the remake was an over all a success. It was a new version for this generation that we are in. More excepting, understanding, and issues that have been in light where shined in the movie also. If you have yet to see the movie i recommend it immensely. 

Steve McCurry Imitations

Steve McCurry is an American photographer who has worked in photojournalism and editorial. For more than thirty years now Steve McCurry has been focusing on contemporary photography. One of his most famous Photographs known as “Afghan Girl.”


He began with just freelance work while working in his local newspaper, and after many years with that, that is when he took his first out of many trip to india. Through the lens of his camera he captures color and the essences of human struggle and joy. I tried to imitate some of the pictures he had taken that really watched my eye. This journey to do it was a struggle, but it was on worth going through, because it made me realize that this may be something I would like to do one day.

Because of you.

Your hands explored, and your lips came close.

Told me to keep it a secret and it was fine,

so i trusted you because i believed you.  

Only to find out later that it wasn’t fine,

but now you were free and you were right.

I fought for what was right, and lost.


Years. Years passed.

And my heart still races with tears fighting to escape,

from the slight thought of you coming near me again.

You haunt my memories like the monsters in my nightmares,

creeping in my mind, as i fight to keep you out.


As i grow up i realize your life is fine,

and mine is not.

You are getting married,

and i’m just beginning.

You are comfortable with someone,

when i can’t even let a boy come near me without shaking.


You messed me up inside,

And that is why a part of me always wants to cry and hide.