We seem to forget at times of what are parents do for us. but if you zoom in and see all the little things that you wouldn’t see in a regular basis. My mom is a hard working women and although she is tired or stressed she is always asking care of me or even cooking. So sometimes take a closer look to really understand them better because the features and eyes can tell you everything.


Boy Scouts are finally openly accepting.




The Boy Scouts of America says it will begin accepting members based on their gender identity, opening the door for transgender boys to join. Under the new policy membership in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts will be based on the gender indicated on an application; not like before when the organization relied on what the birth certificate stated and how they would determine the eligibility. This new change brings the Boy Scouts up to part with other youth organization, like Girl Scouts, that have been gender friendly and open for a few years now. The Boy Scouts made this new policy a few months after the young boy was quicker out of Cub Scouts for being transgender. The Boy Scouts did not specifically cite the New Jersey case in its statement. But Chief Scout Executive Michael Surbaugh acknowledged the group recently had been “challenged by a very complex topic… the issue of gender identity” stated CNN. For a while The Boy Scouts of America has been running into LGBT issues. From 2015, when they lifted the ban on gay adult scout leaders. And about three years before that they started to allow openly gay adolescents to join scouting.


Finally this organization is becoming more open for the youth. So kids don’t have to hide who they are to be able to do something that makes them happy with their friends. Although it is sad that the only reason that this policy was put into motion so quickly- although it wasn’t stated directly- was because the eight-year old kid had to get kicked out and the mother cared enough to make a big deal and stand up for her kid. I give her props for that, for being such a a good mother, it shows that she cares. But the point here is that at least it is done now and no kid has to be discriminated for who he is, what he is, or whatever the case maybe. It is the 21st century, if anything this has taken to long to be brought up and fixed.


Social media has become a great thing in the 21st century, if you use it in a positive way though. Now and days there are different application for whatever you need. To find your lost pet, advertise your talent or an advertisement, college or if you need money for something, literally anything. In this video that  my partner and i created is to show one way that social media can be positive and beneficial now.


she lets out a laugh to seem okay.

she replys minutes later trying to act like she dont care.

but how long can a girl last like this?


she looks at you from the corner of her eye acting like she dont see you.

she passes by where you walk so you notice her, only to be ignored.

but how long can a girl last like this?


you treat her feelings like a rollercoaster, because you like the ride.

your smile, voice, looks, humor, taste, all attract her to you,

and its so hard to break free cause you dont let her.

but how long can a girl last like this?


they fight, they laugh, they play, and they act like nothing happened

they repeat, and repeat, and repeat, until he just disappears.

although that just leaves her wanting more and at the same time wanting to leave.

but how long can a girl last like this?


then when all games are done, and things seem normal

they find it weird because there is nothing to fight about.

he becomes a sweet stranger, but that puts a smile on her face.

but how long can a girl last like this?


she fools herself into thinking he is worth it,

nothing keeping her from what she wants.

how long can a girl last like this?

well there isnt a straight answer because a girl will continue to chase,

until its to hard and her heart is broken.



Obama Will Be Missed.

So today I was going through twitter and was seeing a bunch of things that people would miss from Barack Obama, and I just want to share with you a few of my favorite things that  I saw!

Are Trumps follower regretting their decision?


I saw an article on CNN last night and under is basically what was said.     

The alt-right is having a falling out (with not only their President-elect) but even more instances with each other. The white nationalist who coined the term alt-right, Richard Spencer, he’s the same man who stood at a podium shortly after Donald Trump’s election and shouted “Hail Trump!” while several in the crowd celebrated the victory with a Nazi salute. But listen to him now, you can now nice in the tone he speaks of Donald Trump. “I am getting worried that he won’t work on really big important issues like immigration — that he’ll get caught up on little things like making fun of people on Twitter” is Richard Spencer told CNN. Some others in the alt-right are starting to wonder if Trump is really their guy. They’ve become increasingly critical of his Cabinet picks, and the fact that he’s admitted that Russia did in fact engage in hacking leading up to the election. Some of them (white nationalist) distancing themselves from the alt-right label, although many of the extreme nationalist views remain.

“The alt-right has become about white identity politics,” said Mike Cernovich to CNN. The alt-right is a relatively small group of people who mostly congregate on Twitter and the dark web. But in the past two years, they’ve become more public, and are pushing their way into the mainstream. But the alt-right has always been a fractured movement, made up of differing racist views. Some are clearly anti-Semitic, while others are accepting of Jews. Almost all of them are pro-radical immigration reform. Other white supremacists told CNN they’re frustrated- they believed Trump would align more closely with their white nationalist and racist views.

My views on it were as follows… 

It is scary to think that out there, there is a group of people that voted for trump because they are basically racist. Now that they see that Trumps promises- especially the ones with people being deported and quicker out of here- they’re questioning his position. One good thing is that they are repelled by Trump admitting to the hacking with the Russians, and that makes them think twice on who they supported to be the 45th president. This is a group of individuals that are- racist, aggressive, and some are too extreme. Although many of them are starting to separated in different views in different topics involving Donald J. Trump.