Beauty and the Beast (2017)

To begin with that yes I am late to the party, but there are no words to describe the love i have for Beauty and the beast (1991). That has been my favorite princess movie of all time and to see that there was a remake for this new generation is just wonderful. There were many other aspects that Bill Condon ingressed into the new version.

We live in a time where the LGBT community is mainly excepted in many parts of the world. And that is what made me so happy in this movie. LeFou (Josh Gad) that as you might already know as Gaston’s (Luke Evans) little servant and follower reveals his preference as one of the guys that was also revealed to be happy when the dresser dressed him up as a women. It shows how much we have evolved that we can now put it in movies and people don’t have to be ashamed anymore. Now there are controversies on why would they put that in a kids movie, but everyone has their own opinion on that  matter.

Another wonderful thing that I loved, and most people would agree, how Belle (Emma Watson) was so perfectly portrayed as a strong independent women. Not afraid to be herself and be different; and the perfectly love story of finding the Beast who loves how different she is. 

In my experience the remake was an over all a success. It was a new version for this generation that we are in. More excepting, understanding, and issues that have been in light where shined in the movie also. If you have yet to see the movie i recommend it immensely. 


Steve McCurry Imitations

Steve McCurry is an American photographer who has worked in photojournalism and editorial. For more than thirty years now Steve McCurry has been focusing on contemporary photography. One of his most famous Photographs known as “Afghan Girl.”


He began with just freelance work while working in his local newspaper, and after many years with that, that is when he took his first out of many trip to india. Through the lens of his camera he captures color and the essences of human struggle and joy. I tried to imitate some of the pictures he had taken that really watched my eye. This journey to do it was a struggle, but it was on worth going through, because it made me realize that this may be something I would like to do one day.

Because of you.

Your hands explored, and your lips came close.

Told me to keep it a secret and it was fine,

so i trusted you because i believed you.  

Only to find out later that it wasn’t fine,

but now you were free and you were right.

I fought for what was right, and lost.


Years. Years passed.

And my heart still races with tears fighting to escape,

from the slight thought of you coming near me again.

You haunt my memories like the monsters in my nightmares,

creeping in my mind, as i fight to keep you out.


As i grow up i realize your life is fine,

and mine is not.

You are getting married,

and i’m just beginning.

You are comfortable with someone,

when i can’t even let a boy come near me without shaking.


You messed me up inside,

And that is why a part of me always wants to cry and hide.


Spring Break 04/2017

     This spring break I traveled over seas, across the world, by myself. Now don’t get me wrong, i have travelled alone before but not to another country. And i have traveled over seas but not alone. This time was all alone with some of my closest friends and my best friend. We went on this trip to make memories, but i we ended up getting more than we expected. We made new friends and experienced: fear, sickness, and thrill as we wandered through the city in London. So in the images are all of me as you see how i surrounded myself with friends and acted like my foolish self around the people in England.

     The fear came from the the people we encountered around England. As my friends and i were visiting one of the Cathedral a creepy man came up to us with his camera and began to talk to us about the world ending. Then we tried to go on a adventure and encountered another russian man that didn’t give us an easy time. To say the least the people we came across taught us not to speak to strangers. Although my mother had told me to talk to some. In the middle of the trip though a group of kids got sick. I was one of the chosen ones. But i’m glad with the chaperones that went, with all that was going on they still stuck by us but still kept the energy up. My friends would check on me and still make me smile as i was basically dying.

     Other than those miniature events, i made sure that each day i had a different outfit to match the city. And i made new friends that i wasn’t expecting like a dog i met in the Cathedral, or my buddy John, the tour guide. The day we left was sad but i’m glad i had the chance to have this experience. And hopefully i’ll be back soon.

Another Day.

Happy Birthday.

Just two words that are meant to make your day.

Two words that people that don’t even know you make you feel special.

Two words you hear come from the mouths of strangers, but not the ones you love.


Happy Birthday.

A day you feel special for being alive.

A day that people give you attention because you were born that day.

But why shouldn’t you feel special everyday.


Happy Birthday.

Just another day that you exist on this earth.

Another year you got to hear the words,

“happy birthday!”

Drug Usage


CNN brief Summary: The duration of a prescription may give clues into how long a person ends up using a narcotic painkiller, addiction being a great possibility. The study in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report finds that when a prescription is for eight or more days, your likelihood of using the drug a year later jumps to 13.5%. And although just less than 7% of all prescriptions exceed a month’s dosage, using for 31 days or more increases your chances of long-term opioid use to 29.9%. Considering that prescription opioids such as oxycodone and hydrocodone were involved overdoses in 2015, experts have said, management of prescription drug overdoses is a key element of fighting the opioid epidemic. The authors evaluated and followed 1.2 million patients who received prescriptions for opioid painkillers between 2006 and 2015, except those with cancer, who are frequently prescribed opioids on a long-term basis to manage pain. In addition to duration of prescription, the type of narcotic prescribed was an indicator of the odds someone would still be using the drug a year later. Another concern about prescription pills is the fact that painkiller use has been linked to heroin use. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, half of all young people who inject heroin started by abusing painkillers. In 2016, the CDC established guidelines for prescribing narcotics for chronic pain.

My Analysis: Drug issues have been becoming a great issue, always has been, but addiction and heroin usage has increased drastically. It is worrying to think of people becoming addicts because of prescription pills. Some being stronger than others, depending what you have or what you were given to deal with the situation. The hard thing is, when someone is going through pain they do not realize how dependent they are getting on these drugs, just to feel the peace and relief. After a while, being without the drugs will feel like you are dying, but then again those are considered withdrawals from an addiction. That is when someone need to get help, but by then it is usually to late. Some people can not help it, but if the person is strong enough and the less time they use the prescription the less of the risk they have in becoming an addict.


This is an update on how the friendship part of my life is going. This year was my first year at MLEC and the first week was hell. I honestly thought that I would never have a true friend in this school. But I came to experience what true fireship is. I’ve also experienced when you have to drop certain people and move on either for the better or the worst. I’ve also had the chance to branch out more to people i would never expect to hang out with or do new things with. And this may sound shady because I don’t wanna name people or events, but as someone reads this and see’s the pictures below, they just know that I finally found people in this school that I can honestly call true friend. Even best friends.

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